Waiting…. Written by Harry Franco Barzola We have been waiting for 6 years to say that we can win it all. Six years have passed and many things have occurred in the process. Last week, I stated we are close to having vindication. We have waited, suffered, hugged, laughed and cried through all the ups and downs of our beloved club. Some of us may see this championship as a sign of relief in their own personal struggles as if the last couple of years was a test of their dedication and resilience in the face of adversity. Despite everything, we are here. We are strong. In fact, we are waiting with patience and anxiety for the results on Sunday. If we can achieve our objective of being champion, then we can start to note the change in the Institution; changes that needed to happen becauseof our inept administrators that we have had over the last 8 years. Those of us who are a little older became accustomed to River conquering everything in its path. Those of us who are younger simply live on the history of a club that, despite everything, is the only club in South America that is looked upon as equals in prestige to the clubs in Europe in the eyes of the world. In life, one must have patience for all things inevitably will… come to an end. But it is our nightmare thatmay be coming to a close. I firmly believe that life will always return things to their natural order and River will be the best in Argentina and the World. Our cousins will spend another 20 years only winning 3 titles and hoping for another savior (aka Bianchi) to help them level the playing field momentarily. Let’s hope that this Sunday is the first of many happy moments for our club and for all the fans around the world that demonstratethat despite being far away from Buenos Aires our passion can cover distance. The game against Argentinos was the game that was needed; we have come to this train stop before and have missed the opportunity for glory. But this squad is different, this Ramon is different. This administration is different, Argentine football is different. But we the fans are the same, we have not changed, and despite being kicked around a bit in the last years, our black palate will always expect River to be the best. We are all just waiting for River to envision the same thing. Vamos carajo que River puede ser campeon.

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